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Heat Exchangers:
Electronic control panels contain a highly packed set of temperature sensitive components but have a small surface area with which to reject the generated heat. Dust, moisture and aggressive atmosphere prevent the use of ventilation. In situations where the ambient air is not excessively hot or moisture laden and where the electronic controls can operate at a temperature differential slightly above the ambient, it is recommended that an ADVANCE AIR TO AIR HEAT EXCHANGER be used to transfer heat from inside the electronic enclosure to the outside atmosphere.

Principle of Operation:
ADVANCE AIR TO AIR HEAT EXCHANGER attaches directly to the panel and circulates two totally separate air streams, sealed from each other, in two sets of channels formed from thin gauge aluminum. The internal stream picks up the component heat from top and travels downwards through one set of channels. The external stream travels upwards through the other set and cools the internal stream without mixing, through the thin aluminum wall of the channels. The rate of heat transfer can be as high as 100 watts / Kelvin. Two sets of fans move the airstreams, one each . (See figure). Thus heat is transferred from the interior of the panel at a high rate, without introduction of dust, moisture or fume laden outside air. The channels form a removable module which can be easily cleaned by washing periodically.