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Untreated compressed air contains water, dirt, oil and other waste particles which will mix together to form unwanted abrasive slurry, this abrasive slurry, generally acidic in nature, will cause wear in pneumatic machinery, valves, orifice etc. causing frequent high maintenance breakdowns and costly air leaks. A typical compressed system wastes approximately 35% air due to "leakages" which are mainly caused due to corrosion.
All ferrous metals need two components to cause corrosion; moisture and oxygen. Untreated compressed air contains both. This corrosion attacks piping, joining elements and also the equipment where compressed air is being used. The end result is leakages and malfunctioning of expensive equipment. Rusting commences on ferrous metals when the relative humidity (RH) of air exceeds approximate 30%. However, at this point oxidation is slight and “serious” corrosion starts when RH exceeds 60%. It therefore seems very logical to keep RH value in the air at or below 60%.
It is thus very essential to install a suitable Air Purification System to meet individual needs.
Advance Cooling Systems Pvt. Ltd. has teamed up with the experts in this field, M/S Jia Meng of Taiwan (with heavy presence all over the world) to give you a Complete Air Purification System (CAPS).