• Panel Airconditioner
  • Air to Air Heat Exchanger
    Compressed Air Dryer
    Spindle Chiller
    Water Chiller
    Oil Chiller
    Coolant Chiller
    Submersible Chiller
    Crane Airconditioner
    Mould Temperature Controller

    General Characteristics:
    Air Flow: Two independent air circuits, the internal circuit      circulates cool air in the panel and the external air circuit      dissipates extracted heat to the atmosphere (special ductable      models available to expel condenser hot air to other locations)
    Cooling Circuit: Includes sealed compressor, metering device      and associated refrigeration equipment.
    Temperature Control: Microprocessor Controller with LED/ LCD      display and easy access man / machine interface. Digital display of      actual and set temperature values..Adjustable time delay      between starts warranting the minimum time for temperature      equilibrium and compressor start-ups. Thermostat (electronic or      electro-mechanical) in models where space constraints do not      permit the use of microprocessor controller.
    Alarm: Where required, potential free output for High      Temperature Alarm can be provided with electronic temperature      controller at no extra cost.
    Drain Pipe: To remove moisture / condensate in the panel.
    Enclosure: Aesthetically pleasing designed with the help of      latest 3D CAD/CAM software. CRC powder coated panels      manufactured using sophisticated CNC turret an bending      machines.

    State of the art LCD temperature controller with programmable      timer for filet cleaning indication
    Potential free alarm for high and low temperature
    High / Low pressure switch.
    Door limit switch interface.
    Available in special voltage and frequency
    Three Phase power supply
    Aluminum/GI body (telecom applications)
    Stainless Steel body (coastal areas, food processing and      pharmaceutical applications).
    De humidification module.
    Heating Module(low ambient areas)
    High Ambient operation with Air cooled condenser
    Water-cooled condenser for high ambient and extremely dusty      environment.
    Custom built size for replacement of Imported units and special      applications.
    Hot Gas Bypass valve for Accurate Temperature Control
    IP 55 certified models available
    CE marked models available