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    The advent of "Factory Automation" and demand for high productivity levels has resulted in usage of State of the Art and highly sensitive electronic hardware like Drives, VFD's, SSR's, PLC, Thyristors etc in CNC Machine tools, Robotics, Material handling Systems Control Panels and other Automation Equipment
    To achieve these high productivity levels, it is very important to provide a "clean and controlled environment" to this electronic hardware.
    Our Panel Air conditioners offer you protection against Heat Dust and Humidity for trouble free performance of your vital and expensive electronic equipment. The first to manufacture Panel Air conditioners in India, today we have over 50,000 panel cooling devices installed worldwide.

    Over 120 models to select from in the following configurations:
    Side/Door Mounting for direct mounting on the panel Stand Alone models can be used with mounting space in the panel is a constraint . This model is connected to the panel by plastic flexible hose
    Top Placing models are designed to replace top mounting units where water dripping could create serious problems, these models can be used where floor place is a constraint
    Rack Mounted: The panel ac can be directly integrated and mounted inside the computer / server rack
    Weather Proof(WP): Splash proof model specially designed for outdoor mounting to withstand extreme / harsh weather conditions. Ideal for Telecom shelters and outdoor enclosures.