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Compressed Air Dryer
Spindle Chiller
Water Chiller
Oil Chiller
Coolant Chiller
Submersible Chiller
Crane Airconditioner
Mould Temperature Controller

Salient Features:
Advance Cooling DIP IN Type Chillers are ruggedly designed to 24 x      7 throughout the year in extremely harsh industrial environment.
Suitable for liquids such as Oil / Water / Coolant. Ideal for liquids      filled with contaminants like chips, dirt, muck etc.
Chillers are available in wide range from 0.3 tr to 50 tr cooling      capacities and liquid temperature range of +10 to 40 Deg C,.      (Higher Temperature Models on request
Self Sufficient Chillers with built in Refrigeration circuit, optional      fluid reservoir, transfer pump and necessary controls.
Extra large Sized Condenser Coil and Air Filters for operation in      High Ambient up till 50 Deg C.
Plug and Play type fully factory tested,pre wired charged and      piped for easy installation.
Advanced Microprocessor based temperature controller with LED /      LCD digital display for temperature status and alarm outputs. Easy      to use with tamper proof password facility built in the controller.
Use of latest energy efficient components like Scroll compressors      and PHE heat exchangers along with multiple refrigeration circuit      options for enhanced energy efficiency.
Chiller manufactured in state of art facilities along with ISO 9001:      2008 procedures and thoroughly tested and packaged before      dispatching.
Chiller designed on latest 3D CAD software to ensure components      placed for easy access and compact body footprint

Component Features and Options:
Compressors (sealed, semi sealed reciprocatory & scroll )
Evaporators made up of Stainless Steel tubes
Air and water cooled Condensers (fin and tube, plate type and      shell-in-tube)
Refrigerant R22 /R134a/R407C
MS /GI powder coated or stainless steel outer sheet metal body.
Refrigerant circuit consists of filter dryer, thermostatic expansion      valve/capillary, sight glass, accumulator, receiver, Gauges and      other controls .
Optional fan speed controller used for operation of chiller at low      ambient.
Safety devices include - high / low refrigerant pressure switches      Anti freeze thermostat, etc.
Built in Electrical control box with MCB, Contactors, Thermal Relay      / MPCB / Phase Sequence relay and all status/ fault indicating      LEDS and audio alarms.
State of the Art Digital temperature controller with LED / LCD for      precise temperature controlling.
Fixed Set point or Differential w.r.t. ambient temperature control      available
Potential free alarm/ control signals and interlocks available for      Machine- Chiller Interfacing and Remote Signaling. Optional Rs      232/485 communication is also available.
High Quality Refrigerant grade copper tubing with internal mirror      finishing.