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Dip in / Submersible type
Dip in Type Chillers are designed to be mounted on top of the liquid tank to cool the fluid that is passing through it. It has an inbuilt stainless steel immersion coil type evaporator which is submerged into the fluid in the tank. An optional small agitation pump can be provided which can continuously moves the fluid around the evaporator coils ensuring uniform heat transfer. The temperature controller senses the temperature of the fluid in the tank and controls the refrigeration effect of the chiller thus ensuring the desired fluid temperature in the tank

DIP IN Chillers are very popular as they save on valuable floor space and are ideal for installation on tanks where the liquid is filled with containments like chips, dirt, muck etc,. The evaporator coils can be periodically cleaned by simply lifting the chiller from the tank. Since the chiller is mounted directly on the tank there is no need for a separate chiller recirculation pump which results in energy saving.