Panel Airconditioner
Air to Air Heat Exchanger
Compressed Air Dryer
Spindle Chiller
Water Chiller
Oil Chiller
Coolant Chiller
Submersible Chiller
Crane Airconditioner
Mould Temperature Controller

Engineering Industry: Welding equipment, Induction hardening and Brazing equipment, Ultrasonic equipment, Laser cutting, anodizing, Quenching / Heat treatment equipment die casting Machines, CNC wire cut machines, Plasma Cutting, spindle motor and linear motor cooling in machine tools, Robotics, cryogenic equipment etc.
Plastic and Packaging Industry: Injection moulding, blow moulding, lamination, extruders, thermo and vacuum forming and blister packing machines.
Pharmaceutical: Blister Packaging, Tablet Coating, Lamination and drug making process.
Food and Beverage Industry: Packaging / Bottling / Distillation plants, Dairy, Biscuit making, Breweries, Vineyards Mixers and other process related equipment.
Medical: x-ray machines, CAT / MRI Scanner, medical electronics, hospitals.
Textile Industry: Padders, Stenter, Calenders, Mercerisers, Bleaching / Dyeing and other allied equipment
Also widely used Chemical / Pulp and Paper industry, process control industry, Laboratory, Offset printing, and many other applications.