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Edge Server/Data Center
Air conditioners

These air conditioners are designed to protect high density computer server and critical network infrastructure used in data center, IT and edge computing solutions. The variable speed compressor and fan technology maintain precise temperature control (+0.5 degC) and humidity inside the rack/enclosure. The air-conditioners are available in various mounting configurations including a) Bottom Rack Mounting b) Vertical Inrack mounting c) Inrow for aisle containment solutions.

Salient Features & General Characteristics:

Available in Bottom Rack Mounted & Vertical Rack Mounted Unit
Variable speed Inverter controlled Compressor with highly efficient BLDC Motor
Hot Swappable Variable speed fans with EC technology.
Tremendous input power and Energy Saving.
Precise Temperature Control
Electronic Expansion Valve(EEV) for precise super heat and refrigerant flow control
Inbuilt Humidifier + Heater for humidity Control
Real-time monitoring of system parameters including temperature pressure, voltage and current
Brilliant Color Touch Screen Display for ease of operation
Adaptive compressor envelope management
Inbuilt Modbus communication module. Ethernet /SNMP(Optional)

Technical specifications

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